Got Wood?

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Got wood?

So what to write about in my first woodworking blog post? My enormous tool? Getting wood? Smoothing rough things? Shaving things off? Rubbing down? Screwing and nailing? Vac bagging? Any of those sound tempting?

With a website called The Wood Daddy’ I am bound to catch some shit like that. So if you have any more innuendos, get them off your ample chests in the comments box below so that we can continue (best one gets a bag of sweets from me!)

But if I hadn’t started like that would you still be reading? If l had launched into ‘I cut a good joint using? Would you have read on? Well maybe….

I love making stuff, no not how to turn flour and sugar into a very tempting cupcake, or how to knit my own sweaters, but how to make stuff out of chunks of tree.

At the moment I seem to be making things mostly out of sheets of tree covered in formaldehyde glue because its flat and stable and well easy to make things out of plywood.

See what I did there? Lost you in one short paragraph. No? Still reading? Great! Please keep going because I can’t write for everyone. I am really passionate about using my brain and my hands to make good things. Thats what I am going to write about on here.

I recently read James Krenov’s book ‘A cabinet makers notebook‘ which I couldn’t put down. He is a bit of maverick and made some amazing pieces with great feeling. But the difference was he tried to describe why he liked making, why he did it, not simply the process of cutting and glueing up the parts.

I fully intend to write the ‘how to’ articles that everyone expects these days with Sketchup plans and close up shots. These will make up the meat of articles, but just occasionally I hope to write a ‘pulled pork’ of an article that will give an insight into this makers tiny mind.

So perhaps not what you were expecting, but hopefully a tasty morsel of things to come.

Now go get some wood!
The Wood Daddy.