Space saving Boot Rack

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Space saving boot rack

Inspired by the mess in our hallway I decided to make a space saving boot rack.

The racks I have seen around are floor standing with long wooden pegs for the boots to go on either placed straight up or at an angle. The two things didn’t like about this design was the large amount of space they generally take up and that the mud/dirt just falls off and gathers under the rack.

I decided to sketch a few ideas by hand before developing a more formal picture using Sketchup, this always helps me get the proportions right before committing to making it.

I made a short prototype out of spare scraps. The prototype was invaluable as it clearly showed which arrangement would easily hold both big and small boots whilst taking up the least amount of space.

The long back board that goes against the wall could have been a piece of softwood but as this will be the first thing visitors will see when they come in, I decided to go for birch plywood.

I laminated two pieces of plywood to get a good sturdy back board. The using my single sided marking knife I marked up the plywood for cutting with a tenon saw. I then drilled peg holes and knocked them in nice and sqaure. I also predrilled the screw holes for wall mounting, which I intend to fill with plugs cut from the same plywood stock.

Last of all three coats of Danish Oil with a cloth, which I let cure over night.

Since putting up the rack our children have thoroughly enjoyed using it. It does keep things tidier and cleaner with all those wet and muddy boots.