The first trusses go up!

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Gable end truss up

Lots of woooood, nail plates, hammered thumbs and some sweat and the first truss is up! Whoop it all feels real now.

The first roof trussI’ve never made a truss before and boy did it show with the first one. But after a bit of messing about, a bit of swearing and whacking my thumb I got it sussed.

Laying out on the largest flatest place I have was a bit tricky. Making the trusses flat and true is pretty crucial to strength, so I took a bit of time. …. then I moved to the concrete in front of the workshop instead.

I got the sizes for the trusses from the internet, I just knew that I wanted the truss ties ( the horizontal pieces) to be as high as possible. So I’ve ended up with, wait for it ….’raised tie trusses with king pins’ … well that is how I think they would be described by roof truss nerds.¬†Each truss needs 6 nail plates, each plate takes about 25 nails, so you can guess this isn’t a fast process.

Gable end truss up

Not -Gable end truss up.

So after whacking away for a a little while, I’ve done it. The first truss. I put it up to see what it looked like….. then I realised I’d made one of the middle trusses, not one of the gable end ones… so I took it down again.

But I’d done it! I’d got over my nerves and made my first truss. Pretty satisfying to build it, put it on the wall plate and have it slide into place first time. So full of confidence and with good weather I cracked on.

Roof Trusses made

Good progress, 4 made 2 to go!

By then end of the day I’d made 4 of the 6 trusses. Not bad for a duffer like me eh?