Winter is coming!

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Hardwood logs

So is there anything more satisfying than stacking logs?

I took delivery today of a half ton load of locally sourced and felled hardwood logs. They are dried in a barn just up the road and smell amazing.

Hazel, oak and ash from local farms and hedges that have either fallen or been laid.

The tractor arrived and it just put a big smile on my face. We unloaded them and swapped winter stories and then I got to work.

Picking up each log by hand and stacking them carefully is one of my favourite autumnal jobs. I put on a hat a fleece so that when the leaves are being blown around my head by the chilly gusty wind, I don’t feel it.

This job always gives me the feeling of preparedness. The knowing that I have stacked a load of warmth for my family. Come all sorts of weather, power cuts or snow, I know that at the very least it will be warm and dry in our home.

We got the stove chimney swept and I chopped a good pile of kindling in readiness.

I hate the short, grey, wet days but I now know that no matter how bad things get I can always put on a roaring fire and hunker down with a good book.

Winter is coming but no need to worry because warmth is now guaranteed.