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We aren’t sick anymore, they all went back to school and workshop and content updates.

Whoop Whoop! I have waited seven years for this moment and wow how many mixed feelings I had on the actual day. It’s two weeks ago now and I’ve only just got around to podcasting about it. The day my three all started school was weird enough, my wife and I took them and it was strange. But the next day they all got on the taxi (we live in a rural area that means no bus but a taxi) and they waved good-bye and that was it…. A very strange feeling indeed. Off they went and boy was it quiet.

Now I am getting used to the idea, I have between 9am and 3pm each day to do this. To woodwork, to podcast, film, vlog and try and make a living at it! I am busier than I have been for a long time and really enjoying it.

In the workshop this week I am making another boot rack, I got an order through my Etsy shop, so I need to ship it by the end of this week. I laminated the plywood strips yesterday and sanded and scraped them this morning. After that I spent the rest of my time making a outdoor cupboard for my friends Kate and Toby. The cupboard is to cover the gas bottles they have for their cooking and heat-ing. Further jobs include a breakfast bar and a fold away table top to extend an existing table.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Neil Porter for his help with my filming setup, although my white balance still needs work.

Podcast I recommend this week is Woodtalk with Marc, Matt and Matt.
Video I recommend is Make it Count by Cassey Neistat. Youtube.
Woodworking video channels I recommend this week are Matt Cromona and Frank Howarth. Youtube.

Now go get some wood!

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