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Going back to basics this week, giving thanks to lots of helpful people and Christmas is it getting cold!

Back to basics

Well as this I forgot to switch the correct microphone on when recording this, I think I have proven my point. I didn’t post a video last week because of a small crisis of confidence. I have decided I need to go back to basics after watching my last video. But I am going back to basics with my woodworking and my filming. I have been spending most of my awake time relearning things I thought I knew… hopefully you will see the results.

Big Thanks!

I want to say some thanks to a few people, but primarily this week to two people…

Wes Swain at and Making Geeks Podcast

Liam Charles – for helping me a long time ago and giving me a Dewalt Power driver…. which still works well today! @Liamoc13 on Twitter

Also thanks to everyone for following me on twitter, Instagram and subscribing on youtube!

In the Workshop

Not a lot because I have had flu , snot, cold and been feeling rubbish.  But I will be looking at making something wooden for Christmas and I will be making a platform bed for my youngest.


Well has been awful and now it’s freezing… they are forecasting -10 C around here tonight, so hopefully our outside boiler will keep working and keep us warm… but it is is prone to freezing!


No news on Paris…. we wait for mid December.

Podcast and Video recommendations this week

None this week, but what about Casey Neistat ending the vlog hey?

Stihl Giveaway!

Stihl GB have sent me their new battery powered chainsaw, which I will be reviewing when there is a break in weather. However, once I have done the review I will be doing a giveaway. If you would like to get a chance of winning it then just sign up for my email newsletter. I should be doing the draw before Christmas. It is only open to UK Residents though, but I will be doing more giveaways in future through my newsletter, so sign up to be in with a chance of winning, where ever you live!

Now go get some wood!

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