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When I looked at my website yesterday I was surprised to find that it’s almost exactly a year since I last recorded a woodworking podcast. The children break up for their summer holidays today and I am looking at six weeks of childcare…. Agggghhhh it’s groundhog day! (Listen to Episode 8)

You may have seen from some of my woodworking blog posts that I have finished my workshop and that I have started to record some new woodworking videos.Refurbishing the workshop was a long, tiring job and I think I just had enough of being in there, hence not doing a lot of woodworking recently.

But with a few boot rack and coat rack orders coming through my Etsy shop I have been inspired to get back in to the workshop and get making again.

Recent project…

The most recent project and subject of my next woodworking video is a Giant Jenga for a wedding present. Cutting the timber to length was pretty straight forward now that I’ve attached my table saw to my assembly table. Next steps will be painting and then making the stand to keep the blocks in place whilst not in use.

I am going to paint the Jenga blocks which is a great opportunity to get my children involved in the workshop and woodworking. I have the next six weeks to entertain them and I think simple projects like this might be the key to engaging my children with woodworking and making.

The summer holidays can be a long time to look after the children (4,6 and 8 years old) but planning a thing for each week helps me ‘eat the elephant’ and enjoy the time a lot more.

So if you have any ideas or thoughts on how you engage children in woodworking I’d love to hear them. I will be making more woodworking videos and doing more informal vlogs over the coming weeks so please subscribe to catch them when they come out.

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Thank you for listening, now go get some wood!