Loading up the garage workshop for another project

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Getting help loading up for another garage workshop project

I am starting a new garage workshop project which will be a wedding present for somebody we know quite well. I got 12 pieces of C16 100mm x 50mm softwood from one of our local timber suppliers, RGB in Exeter. I never know how much more discount I could get from them, but they are close and convenient which counts for a lot when in a hurry.

It took me longer than I expected so I came back via school to pick up my three monkeys. They seem to love helping with wood stuff after a day in school and today was no exception. They clambered over the timber into their seats and we headed home.

Once home I was pleasantly surprised to have lots of offers of help… so here they are loading it into the shop in preparation for tomorrow. It’s always good to have some help and my three were brilliant today. Tomorrow I will be cutting to length on the table saw… 64 pieces if my maths is right.