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Celebrating getting to my tenth episode and woodworking with children in the summer holidays.

I am celebrating today because I have made it to my tenth podcast episode and The Wood Daddy Podcast has been downloaded over 1,000 times. Time to break out the Guinness and eat a little pie!

Also in this episode of the Wood Daddy Podcast I am talking about woodworking with children and how I get my children interested in woodworking. I’ve tried a few different projects with my three children with varying levels of success. As a stay at home dad the summer holidays means that unless I can in-terest my young three to be involved in the workshop then I don’t get to go in it. I am have found that painting things seems to be of common enjoyment for my 4,6 and 8 year old.

The design and build of our hen house has been my most successful woodworking with kids project. They helped me to design, size, saw and finally paint the hen house. I guess I didn’t really mind how it looked in the end, so the final paint job was fun and they loved it!

Next woodworking project that my three have done is the design and build of the giant Jenga. This project has involved me using the table saw a fair bit, so no children there, but after that it needed a lot of hand sanding and then painting. You will be able to see them doing this in my next video, needles to say they really got stuck in.

The lessons I have learned that may be useful to you when trying to woodwork with kids? Do a little preparation before they come into the workshop. Put all the most dangerous tools and chemicals / glues / finishes out of reach. Get them to choose a toolbox and put some small size tools in it, which you are happy with, Nailing smaller, thinner pieces of wood works. Screwing and sawing is a lot more difficult. Sanding and painting is easy and popular with all of my three. Marking our and measuring doesn’t seem to interest them yet.

I hope what I have learnt can be of use to you, I’d love to hear your comments, please write your thoughts below.
Now go get some wood!

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