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The workshop is getting cold, so how best to heat it? Transform the behaviour of your kids with home points. Dig ditches for fun!

It’s starting to get cold and I am having to think about workshop heating. I have the an electric oil fired heater but it isn’t enough. Also I am getting more concerned about the cold causing condensation on the tools, and rust, when I open the doors in the mornings. If you have any thoughts on how to combat this I would love to hear it.

The lighting in the workshop also needs work. As it’s getting darker earlier I am starting to notice the lower levels of sunlight whilst I am working. Again one for more thought, but it’s probably tied to sorting out the electrics.

Jobs completed this week so far include the pine breakfast bar ( pictures coming soon) and fitting some shelves.

I am now looking for a planer/thicknesser, so if you have any recommendations for a sturdy but not too big machine for under £500 please let me know in the comments below.

New Vlog style video
I’ve posted a new style of video for me, more of a vlog than a project video. What do you think? Comments please on the video on my youtube channel.

House  / Home points.
In one easy step we have transformed the behaviour of our children. We have simply instigated house points. Our three now have this system of positive reinforcement at school and they seemed to be responding to it well, so we thought we could use it at home. So far it’s been great, no more “its boring” more “what jobs can I do dad?”

We were helping my father-in-law get a polytunnel up this weekend. So Sunday morning was spent digging a ditch in thick, wet clay soil. A much needed pub lunch was had and discussions of hiring a digger were also had.

Now go get some wood!

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