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Folding step stool

I wanted a folding step stool that would save on space. We don’t live in a big place, so saving space is import here, hence previously designing and making a space saving boot rack.

This design really appealed to me but as you will see it also has it’s issues.

I begin by showing a brief design research process, looking through lots of traditional step stool ideas. However I quickly found that my eye iss drawn by more contemporary stool designs.

Once I find a design I then have to get it into a format I can use in my workshop. I don’t have a cnc so creating a paper template is my way of getting from screen to wood.

To be sure I can make it I create a miniature first out of 5 mm plywood. Then I go on to make a step stool the right size from 9mm plywood. 9mm seemed to be about the right weight and thickness. I wanted my children to be able to use it easily.

The cutting with a jigsaw is straightforward, the sanding is just sanding, 200 grit. Then I spray painted simply with a aerosol of bright red paint.

Then came to testing it…..

I would love to hear or read your comments on this video, I have a lot of ideas of what I could make in my next few videos but I am open to ideas, so please, please leave a comment, positive or not I don’t mind.

Now go get some wood.

This step stool design is based off a Folding Chair design by Christian Desile.