Vlog 007 – Workshop Tour

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Vlog 5 Workshop Tour

Happy new for 2017! It’s after Christmas and I have had good sort out in the workshop, but blimey is it cold in here, maybe 6 or 7 degrees.

I’ve moved the work bench into the middle and set up a great maker space. The back half of the workshop is now a much more usable space with plenty of storage. The front of the workshop will now be for using the larger machines i.e. the planer, the mitre saw or the table saw when I get it!

However, I do still have one large area of mess at the front of the workshop where all my scrap wood storage has gotten out of hand. I need to organise this area better and make some things with the scraps that I have before I buy yet more timber!

I am getting the hang of talking and looking at the camera rather than looking at the screen, but I am afraid I am still getting it wrong sometimes. Also, please excuse the quality of the video image as I am waiting on my camera to return from being repaired.

As far as project videos /woodworking video production goes, I am now going to release my videos on a Friday at 5pm GMT / 1pm EST. I am aiming at getting a project video out every other week, with a vlog of progress in between i.e. Project video, Vlog, Project video, Vlog and so on…..

My children went back to school three days ago, and they were really excited to go back. They also did me some paintings which I have put up in my workshop.

Last of all a big thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel, I hit 100 subscribers on New Years Eve, which was a great way to start 2017, so once again thank you!

Now, go get some wood!