Vlog 008 T-shirts and Paris

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Vlog 008 T shirts and Paris

So yep as you can see the t-shirt has arrived and well we have had it confirmed, we are moving to Paris! Yep last week we had it confirmed in writing so we are moving to Paris at the start of August. I am really excited and so are the kids. There is a lot to sort out, including our youngest daughter’s passport that expired a couple of weeks ago.

So as far as woodworking goes, it is business as usual for a little while yet, but I won’t be building or installing anymore permanent shop furniture. I will be concentrating on making things mobile, like the mitre saw stand I built, and working out how I can take everything with me. As we are going to be moving to central Paris I am hoping I will be able to find a basement workshop, much like Jimmy Diresta’s workshop. However, I do still have one large area of mess at the front of the workshop where all my scrap wood storage still is.

Hopefully you will be able to see me better and hear me better as I have had replace the camera I knocked over onto the floor. I am now using a Nikon D5300 with the new 35mm lens my wife got me for Christmas.

As far as project videos /woodworking video production goes, I am now going to release my videos on a Friday at 5pm GMT / 1pm EST. I am aiming at getting a project video out every other week, with a vlog of progress in between i.e. Project video, Vlog, Project video, Vlog and so on….. The next video I am working on is a wine rack, hopefully you will like it!

Last of all some thanks. Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel, I am up to 115 subs! Also a big thank you to Tony Chadwick for agreeing to teach me how to weld www.penn-farm.co.uk and John Nolan for letting me bend his ear about all things woodworking www.johnnolanfurniture.co.uk

Now, go get some wood!