Garden Office Build | Part 1

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I am building an office in the garden on a timber platform. The office is going to end up being 3m x 4m with storage for lots of things tagged on the end. The overall wooden frame is 3m x 6m long and will end up being 2.5m high.

We need the extra space in our house but getting an extension built just for an office is outside of our budget. We are aiming to build this for around £6,000 compared to getting one built for around £30,000

I’ve never built an entire building before. I’ve built a roof and a porch before, but nothing on this scale. I love the challenge of this build, its quite daunting but I am working through each part and it seems to be going well!

With any build like this I have to visualize what I am doing, so I normally do a lot of looking at pictures online, examining existing buildings. drawing parts in Sketchup and sketching details on a sketchpad. Some elements I can work out before I start, others I need to get to before I see what to do.

Things I am using Erbauer Compound Mitre Saw
Black and Decker Corded Drill
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